Weinkoenig Lady Blue

First things first, let’s get the name out of the way. Yes, every time I see this bottle I have Hello Sailor’s “Blue Lady” start up inside my head. And no, that’s not a bad thing.

Shockingly, this wine is not blue.
The tide is a little out on the bottle as we had a frothy explosion on opening it – be warned!

Weinkoenig Lady Blue is a sparkling rosé from Germany/France. On opening, I realised how sparkling this one is – be warned, I probably lost a serving of this to my kitchen floor when I opened it (and carefully opened it at that.)

This wine promises fruitiness on the nose, and delivers on that. Although I’d previously found that some of the rosé wines seem to use sugar as a substitute for the flavours lost in the dealcoholisation process, Lady Blue is bucks that trend. While it has been sweetened a little, but there’s enough else going on in the flavour to show the sugar isn’t just masking a lack of depth/character – there’s a surprisingly balanced palate.

This pale rosé would make for good summer drinking, on the deck in twilight. But don’t feel you need to wait for summer to try this one.

The dealcoholisation process used utilises vacuum extraction, which allows for the alcohol to slowly boil off without needing to increase the temperature of the wine itself (as the vacuum essentially lowers that boiling point.) I’m impressed by the outcome, it has definitely retained many flavours and still tastes fresh.

Lady Blue is then carbonated post alcohol extraction, rather than undergoing any secondary fermentation.


Style: Sparkling Rosé
Origin: Product of Germany (Wine or grapes originally from Perginon, France according to their website)

The Verdict

A surprisingly good semi-dry sparkling Rosé, an excellent example of its kind
Rating: 4.5/5

Where to Find

Available through Mirage Wines online shop
I would love to see more distributers carry this

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