Torres Natureo Syrah (2016)

Personally, I love a good Syrah (or Shiraz as they tend to call them here). So I had a lot of hope in this one, for a fuller-flavoured, non-alcoholic red to enjoy from time-to-time.

Oh my, that is one huge glass Tasha picked

This Syrah is fermented and aged in casks, and then dealcoholised. Unlike a number of the other non-alcoholic wines we’ve sampled, there are no flavours or extracts added back at this point. This is potentially a two-edged sword – on the one hand you avoid the risk of introducing a sense of artificial flavour (like the Pierre Zero series), on the other hand, you risk not accounting for the flavours that are lost in the extraction process (as any flavour that has a similar volatility to the alcohol – or is enhanced by the alcohol – is lost.)

This wine starts well – you get a good sense on the nose, with a very clear Syrah-like set of aromas. That was very reassuring.

But to be honest, on first impressions there really was that sense of emptiness that comes with dealcoholised wines (especially the drier ones.) This is inevitable, and once again I had to remind myself that dealcoholised wines are a variety of their own, and not immediately comparable to their fermented brethren.

That said, there are some nice complex flavours in there, and if you pause to taste them they do come through quite nicely. Additionally, this is a bottle that it pays to let breathe a few minutes before pouring. There are definite “Syrah-esque” flavours in this wine, and my enjoyment increased as time went on.

We will be continuing to keep a bottle or two of this on hand, as it is a worthwhile addition to the cellar.


Style: Syrah
Origin: Spain

The Verdict

Although not full-flavoured, this is an enjoyable dealcoholised Syrah and one we will keep ordering
Rating: 3/5

Where to Find

Available through Mirage Wines online shop for just under $20 a bottle.

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