Pierre Zero Prestige Red

I wasn’t thrilled to find this one in my cellar. The regular Merlot from Pierre Chavin had been a big letdown. As had their take on Chardonnay. My hopes were not high.

However, this is labelled “Prestige” and costs about 20% more – maybe this higher rated range was going to deliver more.

Like the Pierre Zero Merlot, this one definitely looks the part – pouring a delicious-looking glass of rich-red wine. On the nose, it was a bit more hopeful, with warm aromas inviting you to enjoy this. The tasting notes say “spices and vanilla” on the nose, however it was probably more well-ripened fruit.

On the palate, I found this indistinguishable from the Pierre Zéro Merlot. Again came the sense of drinking a mix of ribena and wine gums – the flavour balance was all up the wazoo and I was thankful we were making a batch of bolognese that evening, as that at least gave a reasonable outlet for the remainder of the bottle. The flavours become less artificial when cooked into a sauce like that, and in fact manage to elevate the bolognese sauce.


Style: Marketed simply as Red – grapes used: Merlot
Origin: France


Another disappointing offering from Pierre Chavin – near indistinguishable from their standard Merlot
Rating: 1/5

Where to Find

Available through Mirage Wines online shop for around $18 a bottle.

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