Pierre Zéro Chardonnay

Pierre Chavin had already failed to impress me with their take on Merlot wine – so it was with some trepidation that I approached their Chardonnay.

In their favour, the white styles tend to be more forgiving when it comes to alcohol-free wines – the fruitiness and lightness of the style is a little easier to maintain (and the typical extra sweetness covers a lot of sins.) Sadly, this advantage was all but lost in this offering from Pierre Chavin.

On the nose you get a strong sense of apples – and that flavour follows through as you taste it. Tasha likened the flavour to Appletise. Like the Pierre Merlot, the flavour is too forced and becomes artificial for that – however the Chardonnay is a better option as at least it is drinkable.

Pierre Zéro Chardonnay is a mix of de-alcoholized wine, topped up with grape juice and then “natural aromas.” Like the merlot – I think they missed the mark with those top-up flavours.


Style: Chardonnay
Origin: France


An unsubtle white with overly strong – almost artificial – apple/fruity tones
Rating: 1/5

Where to Find

Available through Mirage Wines online shop for around $15 a bottle.

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