Fre Alcohol-Removed Chardonnay

Down to the last few bottles in New Zealand – once it’s gone this will be a bit of a loss for the NZ market.

If you’re after a good, alcohol-free chardonnay, you could do a lot worse than Fre.

Fre is an American offering, using traditional winemaking techniques, and then removing the alcohol through a cone-spinning technique designed to maintain as much flavour as possible. And from this example, that process works rather well.

Fre Chardonnay has the characteristic “buttery-ness” of a chardonnay, with a good flavour throughout the drink.

Unfortunately the New Zealand distributor is pulling back from this product due to rising costs, and once their stock is gone, this product may not be seen again on our shores. On the upside, they are selling up at $9 a bottle, so there’s a good opportunity to stock your cellar at an excellent price.


Style: Chardonnay
Origin: USA (California)

The Verdict

An enjoyable Chardonnay – a shame it’ll soon be gone
Rating: 4/5

Where to Find

Only available in NZ online at AlcoholFre, $54 for a box of six

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