Edenvale Rosé

Our first dip into non-alcoholic wines really began with the Edenvale Rosé. As a style a rosé is often very forgiving as they tend to be carried by the sweetness of the wine, moreso than a dry wine.

True to form, the Edenvale option proved very enjoyable. For us, perhaps the first hurdle was getting over the fact that a non-alcoholic wine is never going to be the same as it’s alcoholic equivalent. De-alcoholised wines need to be judged very much as their own style. Having said that – as already noted – the sweet fruitiness does help carry a wine like a rosé, and this helps make this an accessible entry point to the genre.

The rosé is a fruity, light wine. There’s not a lot on the nose, but this is an enjoyable drink and if you normally enjoy the lighter styles, it’s an excellent option.

Edenvale make their wines using typical wine-making methods, and then remove the alcohol through an evaporative process designed to retain as many of the aromas as possible. They do add 6% grape concentrate at the end of those process to restore some of the flavours that have not been retained.


Style: Rosé 
Origin: Australia (South Eastern vineyards)

The Verdict

Although uncomplicated, as a lighter style this is an enjoyable rosé
Rating: 3/5

Where to Find

Edenvale are also one of the more easily found brands in New Zealand – available at most larger supermarkets, at Glengarry wines, and from time to time even on Grabone.

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