Edenvale Blanc de Blanc

Time to look at the “Champagne” style – the sparkling Chardonnay-based Blanc de Blanc. Edenvale wines are probably the most commonly available non-alcoholic wines available in New Zealand, and they do seem good at what they do. The Premium range – in which you find the Blanc de Blanc – is the next step up in price – so do you notice the step up in the quality?

Note that the B&B didn’t have flutes, and we didn’t pack them…

Obviously it looks the part – that’s the easy bit. Removing alcohol doesn’t affect the colour (much). But what surprised me was the nose – normally you lose a lot of aroma when you de-alcoholise the wine, but not this time. The pleasant mix of fruitiness and earthiness came through – and that with hearing the gentle effervescence of the wine added to the anticipation of the wine.

And on the palate, that promise delivered. This is a well balanced, complex blanc de blanc, and seriously tasted as good as some of the full alcohol French varieties I’ve had in the past. Of the alcohol-removed wines we’ve explored thus far, this is the one most like its alcoholic cousin. The fruity/earthy balance is just right, and there’s a pleasant aftertaste and moreish quality to it.


Style: Sparkling Blanc de Blanc
Origin: Australia

The Verdict

An excellent sparking white, and highly recommended for those who like their bubbles
Rating: 5/5

Where to Find

While Edenvale appear in many Supermarkets, their premium range is less common. I found this one in New World, and it’s also available from Glengarry wines.

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