Blue Nun Silver

In their regular wine range, Blue Nun have an alcoholic wine called Gold which apparently has real gold flakes in it. Because who doesn’t want to be drinking a metal? Blue Nun silver seems to be based on the same basic product, but in this case has no added precious metals.

Does not actually contain Silver. Or Nuns.

Blue Nun Silver is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Like other sparkling dealcoholised wines we’ve looked at, this is not simply a grape juice, as the prior fermentation has significantly reduced sugar content, and developed other (subtle) elements in the wine.

Blue Nun looks the part – a good white sparkling wine with just the right effervescence.

On the nose it’s mildly fruity, with almost a citrus zing. This follows through on the palate – a sweet white sparkling wine that you can enjoy without the alcohol. I was pleasantly surprised by this offering, and will be returning to it from time to time.


Style: Sparkling white
Origin: Germany

The Verdict

A well finished sparking white, suitable for desserts (and celebrations)

Rating: 4/5

Where to find

Available through Glengarry wines, and at numerous New World stores

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