Blue Nun Alcohol-Free Red Wine

Once-upon-a-time German winemaker Blue Nun had one wine on their books, a lower alcohol white (Liebfraumilch) which was widely available and had a reputation for being an easy-drinking semi-sweet wine.

Wine for two

More recently, the brand has diversified into a number of wines, including a small selection of non-alcoholic wines (Red, White and Sparkling.)

The Blue Nun red is a blended wine, and there’s no information I can see on the grapes used to produce this. Like many dealcoholised wines, it has some grape juice added to restore some of the flavours that are lost in the processing.

The aroma is fruity – not quite what I was expecting (or looking for) in a red. However it is inviting and you do feel like you have a good product in the glass.

The taste is somewhat sweet, fruity but also a full-bodied flavour. Unlike some alcohol-free wines that use the sweetness to mask the lack of body, this wine has a fair amount going on – a balanced soft fruitiness throughout.

You could blindfold someone and give them this and they would likely assume they were drinking a white – the flavour profile is certainly more along those lines. As such, this wine is actually rather versatile and would go well with most meals – mains, dessert and later on with a cheeseboard. This is one we will be keeping on hand in the cellar for the future.


Style: Semi-sweet Red
Origin: Germany


As the label says, soft and fruity – an enjoyable dealcoholised red that is versatile enough to go with most meals.
Rating: 4/5

Where to Find

One of the more readily available options, this is available through Mirage Wines. I’ve also found it in New World, online at Glengarry wines (but not in-store) and Moore Wilsons.

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