Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon – Dealcoholised Wine

Before you say anything else, that is a cork there in the picture. In a screw cap world, we don’t often see these.

The only wine we’ve found so far named for a Disney Princess

While most of the wines tasted so far have been dealcoholised by evaporation, Ariel utilise cold filtration. The theory being, less flavours will be lost in the reverse osmosis process. We took on the duty of testing that theory.

There’s not a lot on the nose with this wine – which is a bit of a strike against the whole “flavour retaining process” idea here. That’s not unusual for dealcoholised wines, it goes with the territory.

There’s an interesting flavour. In the same was we found for Pierre Zero Merlot, this almost veers into an artificial territory – however not as noticably as that for Pierre Zero. The flavour is most like blackcurrant, with a not-unpleasant sense of tannins underneath. It doesn’t quite all come together, the result – though passable – isn’t the best example of a non-alcoholic red available.

According to the labelling, this is a mix of purified water (the reverse osmosis process removes water as well as alcohol), dealcoholised wine, grape juice concentrate as well as fruit juice concentrate and flavours, showing a bit more flavour tinkering than other dealcoholised reds (and no mention of what particular fruit juices are used, but perhaps a bit of blackcurrant?)


Style: Cabernet Sauvignon
Origin: California

The Verdict

A passable red with hints of blackcurrant. At $22 a bottle you can get better for less.
Rating: 2.5/5

Where to Find

Only seems to be available through Mirage Wines in New Zealand.

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