Ārahi Sparkling Karera

Karera: (adjective) light green. This is the second sparkling drink we tested from Ārahi – with the Māori name “light green” aptly describing this sparkling white.

Karera is made from Sauvignon blanc grapes, and like the Kuratea is a sparkling grape juice rather than a wine. Unlike other grape juices you may encounter, these are made from wine-grade grapes, and so carry some of the characteristic flavours of those varietals.

Does it work? Not really. Wine grapes have been cultivated not just for the flavour profile, but also for the high sugar yield. And when you don’t ferment the grapes (as would happen with a dealcoholised wine) you end up with a very sweet grape juice. Unlike the Merlot based Kuratea, there’s not enough else going on in this sparkling juice and the sweetness is off-putting.

Which is a shame, as I’d still rate these ahead of standard grape juices, but like the Kuratea, you can’t help but feel these are overpriced and the step up in quality isn’t that great.


Style: Sparkling White Grape Juice (Sauvignon Blanc grapes)
Origin: New Zealand

The Verdict

An overly sweet grape juice, while interesting there’s just too much sweetness in this variety for this approach
Rating: 2.5/5

Where to Find

Available at Ārahi’s online shop
Can also be found at Moore Wilsons

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