Seedlip Spice 94

We’ve started looking at wines and beers, but what about spirits? It seems that the world of gins and the like are unlikely candidates for non-alcoholic drinks. So what is a drink like Seedlip like?

Non-alcoholic gin?

Seedlip are a brand concerned with introducing distilled non-alcoholic spirits to a wide audience. And the term non-alcoholic spirits seems like a contradiction in terms, right?

Very briefly, distilling is a process that is used to separate more than just alcohol from a mash, it can separate any substances with a different boiling point – including aromatic essences. Seedlip use this principle, and strong aromatic flavours to create unique distillates.

I liked the idea of the flavours from Spice 94 – Allspice, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Lemon and Grapefruit peel, as well as the less appetising Oak and Cascarilla Bark… All up, it sounded like Christmas in a glass.

Being one to try my spirits neat, my first foray with this exotic blend was a simple shot to sip upon. And it’s rather impressive like that – intense and warm spiciness, with that citrus undertone. Honestly, I could enjoy sipping at this at the end of an evening and feel pretty satisfied.

But it’s also a good drink to mix – with soda or tonic (if that’s your thing) or Ginger Beer – for a spice inspired drink. Seedlip recommend mixing with tonic over ice and a grapefruit twist. I haven’t got quite that fancy.

At $60 for a 700mL bottle, it’s fortunate that a little goes a long way. But this is a great addition to the cocktail cabinet, and I look forward to exploring their other flavours in due course.


Style: Aromatic Distillate
Origin: UK


A very “adult” drink – warm spice flavours and citrus bite, making a versatile mixer or intense sipping drink for those fans of spirits among us
Rating: 5/5

Where to Find

I’ve found this at Glengarry, Wine Central, Whisky and More, as well as at some New World stores.

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