DB Citrus 0.0

As one of New Zealand’s biggest brewers, with a long-established place in the market, how have DB responded to the call for more non-alcoholic/low-alcohol beers in the market?

DB Citrus takes a different approach from other options in the market – instead of trying to maintain as much of the normal beer flavour-profile as possible, DB basically compensate for any loss of flavour by introducing new flavour – in this case lemon juice.

The result – while not unpleasant – isn’t exactly a beer either. The best description is probably that it’s like a lemonade on a malt base. It’s a refreshing drink, and probably has its fans, however you could probably do better to simply buy an old-fashioned lemonade from somewhere.


Style: Flavoured Lager
Origin: New Zealand

The Verdict

Looks like beer, tastes like old-fashioned lemonade on a malt base.
Rating: 2/5

Where to Find

Easily found at many supermarkets and bottle-stores – but don’t confuse it with the regular DB Citrus which is 2% – check for the 0.0% on the label!

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