Clausthaler Original

Clausthaler is a German brewery focused on Non-Alcoholic beer. According to their website there are 4 varieties from this company, however I can only find the Clausthaler Original in New Zealand.

Clausthaler Original is another lager-style non-alcoholic beer. Much like Heineken zero or Moritz, this is an easy drinking option that will hit the spot for most lager-drinkers.

As a lager, you can taste the malty sweetness, and some barley flavours also come through.

I prefer this to Heineken Zero, but it’s a bit harder to compare it to the Asahi Zero – as a one-off drink I’d pick Asahi over Clausthaler, but Clausthaler is a drink I’d rather return to and have again. If you’re off to a BBQ or something like that, a few Clausthalers are going to see you through the evening while still being designated driver – this is a good session lager. I’m also keen to track down their dry-hopped variety, if it’s available in NZ.

Clausthaler use a special brewing process to minimise alcohol formation – which means there is (theoretically) less opportunity for flavour-loss in any dealcoholisation process.


Style: Lager
Origin: Germany

The Verdict

A good session-lager in the non-alcohol line
Rating: 3.5/5

Where to Find

Available at Moore Wilson, also found at New World and a number of bottle stores. Typically a 4-pack is about $7 or $8

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