BrewDog Nanny State

Hailing from Scotland, Brewdog have been pushing the envelope on what is possible with beers for the past few years.

An autumn glass of goodness (and excellent colour matching of the label with the sky!)

Nanny State is one such experiment (possibly in response to negative publicity about some of their very high alcohol offerings.) I think that it’s important that we see more craft beer styles come through in the low/no alcohol scene – it’s currently very dominated by lagers and pale ale/craft styles are few and far between.

Nanny State is a “West Coast inspired” Pale Ale (that is, the West Coast of the USA and their styles, not Greymouth, Hokitika and a lot of mozzies.) As a West Coast style, there are a number of hop varieties in there (notably cascade, amarillo and simcoe). It all comes together nicely, except the hops come through as more resinous bitter addition than the fruitiness you may normally expect. It works alright, but I wonder if citra hops might not have a bigger impact.

There is a long bitter/hoppy aftertaste, and overall this is a good option for someone who normally enjoys craft beers.

An earlier rendition of this beer had an alcohol content of about 1.5%, but the current recipe yields a <0.5% brew.


Style: Pale Ale
Origin: Scotland


An enjoyable crafted beer, with a clear West Coast Pale Ale heritage
Rating: 3.5/5

Where to Find

I got a couple of bottles at Beer Cellar online, who now appear to be out of stock – register interest in getting it here
I’ve reached out to BrewDog for any other distributors – and will update when I hear

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