3 Horses Malt Beverage Classic

There’s more than one way to make a beer-like drink that is non-alcoholic. While many of the options we explored have been brewed and then dealcoholised, there’s a bit of a clue in the name of this one – “Malt Beverage.” This is a drink that uses the basic ingredients of beer (malt, hops, water) but not the fermenting process, rather the water has been carbonated (like a soft drink.)

There’s a potential problem with this, fermenting doesn’t just add alcohol, it changes the fundamental nature of the brew, breaking down fermentable sugars and creating a number of byproducts.

Sadly, 3 Horses proved remarkably underwhelming. 3 Horses has a very insipid malt-ish flavour. Tasha described it as being a bit like weak Weetbix – and she’s absolutely right. There is nothing to commend this drink as a reasonable option, if this is all that’s on offer, maybe order an orange juice that night.


Style: Carbonated malt beverage
Origin: Originally Netherlands, now made in Germany

The Verdict

You may get better results soaking Weetbix in soda water and drinking that
Rating: 1/5

Where to Find

I found this in New World
Distributed in New Zealand by Village Road

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